The Eaton Corporation (“EATON”) contractor participating in this Eaton DataComm Contractor Advantage Program (“PARTICIPANT”) hereby agrees to the following (“AGREEMENT”):

A. Eaton DataComm Contractor Advantage Program (“PROGRAM”) Eligibility:

To be eligible for this Program:

B. Obligations of EATON

C. Obligations of PARTICIPANT

D. Miscellaneous

Preferred Eaton DataComm Contractor Advantage Program Schedules

Schedule A – Membership Level Requirements

Portal Access:

Annual Growth Incentive Program membership:

Successfully complete online registration form and be approved in writing by Eaton

  1. Complete and submit the “Eaton DataComm Contractor Advantage Growth Incentive Program Agreement Form” online, which can be found on in the “Growth Incentive Program” main menu option.
  2. Each contractor must host or attend an annual Eaton training session. This training is designed to update the contractor’s key personnel on Eaton products, programs and resources. The contractor should work with their Eaton sales representative to determine a date and time for the training session.
  3. Upon completion of items (1.) and (2.), the Eaton representative notifies Eaton’s marketing department with the training date, branch location and names of the contractor’s staff that received training.
  4. If the above requirements are completed by the date specified in the “Program Rules” section “Growth Incentive Program” main menu option of the Eaton DataComm Contractor Advantage portal (date and rules may change at any time at Eaton’s discretion), the contractor is a qualified participant in the annual “Eaton DataComm Contractor Advantage Growth Incentive Program”. As a qualified participant, the contractor is a full year member, and eligible for product vouchers (hereby referred to as VOUCHER) on purchases processed between January 1st and December 31st of the respective membership year made through their pre-selected distributor vendors.
  5. Certification must be renewed each year by completing items (1.) and (2.) annually.
  6. Product voucher levels, minimum thresholds and eligible products will be published annually in the “Program Rules” section “Growth Incentive Program” main menu option of the Eaton DataComm Contractor Advantage portal and may also change at any time at Eaton’s discretion.
  7. An “Eaton DataComm Contractor Advantage Growth Incentive Credit Certificate” (or VOUCHER) will be issued in the next calendar year after point-of-sales reporting has been consolidated and the achievement of the respective thresholds has been confirmed by Eaton.
  8. The VOUCHER is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in item 9 and 10 of this document
  9. The VOUCHER is valid only on the purchase of Eaton products from an authorized Eaton Distributor and must be surrendered at the time of purchase. This certificate is not redeemable for cash, is non-negotiable and non-transferable and cannot be replaced if lost. This certificate does not cover any applicable taxes or shipping and handling charges, and may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. This certificate is only valid for offers placed after the issue date and before the expiration date noted above. Any other use of this certificate, including the reproduction thereof, is illegal.
  10. VOUCHER expiration is 180 days from Date of Issue.
  11. Authorized Distributors may apply the face value of any valid certificate (VOUCHER)  to the purchase of Eaton products. Upon receipt and validation of this certificate, Eaton shall issue a credit to the Authorized Distributor’s account.

Schedule B – Program Benefits

Online Portal Access: Registered and approved contractors are granted access to the Eaton DataComm Contractor Advantage portal.

Logo Usage: Registered contractors are eligible to use, in compliance with Eaton’s logo guidelines, as dictated by the terms of use, the Eaton Registered Contractor logo.

PARTICIPANT agrees to abide by Eaton Corporation’s and its affiliates (“Eaton”) terms and conditions and corporate identity standards for use of Eaton Registered Contractor logo (“Eaton Mark”).  PARTICIPANT agrees such use and goodwill associated therewith inures solely to Eaton’s benefit.   PARTICIPANT agrees to obtain prior written review and approval from Eaton prior to the first occurrence of any use of the Eaton Mark on any website, literature, brochures, displays, advertisements or other sales items.  Once approved, PARTICIPANT will only use the Eaton Mark as approved with the first occurrence. The Eaton Mark has to be used in a manner that distinguishes it from any trademarks of PARTICIPANT or another company. The use of the Eaton Mark by PARTICIPANT should at no time generate the false impression that PARTICIPANT or any other company, product and/or service is an Eaton company, product and/or service, or affiliated or endorsed by Eaton.  Eaton reserves the right to refuse any such use and may modify its usage standards from time to time.

Eaton has the right to review and approve, at its sole discretion prior to any usage, labels using the Eaton Mark other than those labels present on the original products.  Further, in accordance with these terms, the Eaton Mark must be used for advertising only original Eaton products in brochures, advertisements, catalogues, and websites or any other means approved by Eaton.  PARTICIPANT agrees not to use, attempt to register, or register any trademark, trade name, service mark, or domain name, in whole or in part, that is identical to or confusingly similar to any of the Eaton Mark in Eaton’s sole opinion.  The Eaton Mark must be used in a manner that does not damage, tarnish, or diminish the value of the Eaton Mark.  If Eaton has any objection to the use of the Eaton Mark or the manner of use by PARTICIPANT, PARTICIPANT agrees to immediately cease and desist from any further use of the Eaton Mark.

PARTICIPANT acknowledges and agrees that Eaton may terminate PARTICIPANT’s right to use the Eaton Mark  at any time and for any reason upon written notice. Following such termination, PARTICIPANT agrees to immediately cease and desist all use of the Eaton Mark with a written acknowledgement that all material containing the Eaton Mark has been deleted or destroyed.

Schedule C - Eaton Authorized Distributors

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